Yuyama 520 Proud Fully Automated pill dispenser robot.

1 Yuyama 520 Proud

Yuyama 520 Proud II Fully Automated Tablet Packing Machine Robot

We have a Yuyama 520 Proud II Fully Automated Tablet Packing Machine. 


Price $110,000USD
Delivered and installed on-site within the Continental USA.

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We have 1 Yuyama 520 Proud II Fully Automated Tablet Packing Machine,
including complete delivery and installation within the continental US.

This is the largest unit that Yuyama makes.

We ship this unit to your location by air-ride precision instrument carriers.
We fly our technicians to your location to accept delivery of the equipment and complete the physical installation.
Our field technicians integrate its operations with your internal network and assist your configuration with existing software such as "WorkflowRX", to assure that it is fully operational.

This machine was installed in 2011 and removed from service about six months ago. In all respects it is like new. It was part of a research study which found that using this machine produced a greater than $500,000 cost savings over the previous installation and an increase in operating efficiency of between 50 and 75%.
From what we have seen, a large number of pharmacists familiar with all robots consider the Yuyama to be easier to maintain; easier to load; and much more reliable than most if not all of its competition. These sentiments come from pharmacists working in the pits , not some table jockey. Search the Internet for yourself and see what you find. As a matter of fact a Kirby Lester salesman told me that Yuyama designed the large pharmacy robot for Kirby Lester.

It is compatible with all automated dispensing cabinets - no need to keep to one manufacturer as with other systems.

It supports barcode printing.

It is capable of producing 60 packages per minute.

It is ideal for any large or medium scale long-term care facility, or anywhere security and flawless production is required.

This system can operate with as few as 2 to a maximum of 520 different pharmaceuticals simultaneously.

We can ship this worldwide but there will be an additional costs for shipping and additional costs to fly our technicians out of the United States.
If you need a quote either for International shipping or International shipping and setup please inquire.


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