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Our Process

Catalog & Assessment

Catalog all items and asses their condition and function before appraisals.

First we will catalog all of the items with a lot number, then enter them into a spreadsheet for storing additional information about each item. Next we review the articles physical aspects, and determine if they are in condition to sell, or need anything first. For example, replacing a broken handle on an expensive piece of furniture may make it more valuable, and a quicker sale, but other cases replacement of original parts may make it less valuable. We look at both sides to be sure which is best for all of your belongings each sale.

  • Document articles into a spreadsheet to store article information.
  • Validate the articles condition, usability, and cosmetic condition.

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Appraisal & Photos

Photograph items and obtain appraisals from multiple sources.

303 Sales will photograph all of the articles, using high-resolution digital cameras. We will capture the items in as much detail as possible to give prospective buyers as much information as possible. This step can greatly increase the sale while reducing questions on items from buyers. The less time you have to spend on small details of an item the more effort you can put towards the sale. Next we will have appraisals done by experts in the field, a current market review, and vendors with the same or like items.

  • Capture High Resolution photos of articles and items.
  • Determine current market value local and abroad, as well as overall market value.

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Preparation & Scheduling

Getting everything ready to go for a specific time frame.

At this time we will fix, modify, repair items that may need that sort of assistance. Providing the highest possible yield on top dollar items is the primary goal. We do not think it wise to rebuild everything, however minor cleaning, touch-up work and repair can go a long way. Next we will configure a set timeframe to perform our auctions, or other sales methods with your products. In most cases this is a fast turn-around, however some items may require different methods of sale to get the best results. We will walk you through this with all of your articles.

  • Clean, fix, repair minor issues to provide best appearance/function.
  • Schedule relevant times and sales for items and articles to go on sale.

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Client Final Review

Final review and approval from client for upcoming sales and auctions.

303 Sales will perform one last review to assure everything that is supposed to be ready for the up-coming sale is where it should be. This also gives a chance to the client to opt keeping items for the last time. Each client will be able to see how we have improved the item they are providing to sell. At this point, the articles are ready to start the sale and or auction.



  • Final customer review before sale.
  • 303 Sales final review before sale.

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Sale and Auction day

We are prepared to start required sales and auctions.

Our schedule date is here and we are prepared to make announcements across a large network of auction and sale website's, as well as any targeted audience we have selected to use for your products or articles. We will have all items ready to be shipped immediately after the sale, but require 72 hours after the sale to be 100% sure payments have cleared and everything is ready to ship.


  • Market sales to target groups and any identified demographic audience.
  • Monitor sales and auctions, prepare for payments clearing and shipping addresses.

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After Sale Support

Completed sales, evaluate products that may require additional time or areas.

After the initial sales and auctions, we are ready to run anything left un-sold through another sale. We will add these items to our next scheduled sales, or attempt other alternatives. We often use ebay if we believe it has the proper benefit and meets our demographic needs. This can take up to two months to complete. After this time if a product or article has not sold, the customer has the option to take the item back or continue to attempt to sell them.



  • Review un-sold items, determine second round sale points.
  • Schedule and position articles for additional sales.

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