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Estate Sale Services

Personal and Family Estate Sales

We work with Families and people to take on the tasks of managing their Estates. With respect we handle every area of this for you. Our staff will help you catalog the possessions you wish to sell, and get you the best value for each item. We can help you clean and prepare a house or location for sale, or change after a loved one has moved out or moved on.


We are happy to work with our Estate Sale clients to make the most simple and profitable scenario to meet their needs. Each Family has their own requirements, so each Estate Sale client has a unique and interesting story.


We apply our Sale Process Method to their products and items, assuring the best possible sale prices, and then perform sales in targeted audience demographics to ensure the most effective use of each sale.

Estate Sale Services


    Itemized Lists

    Exactly which items

    We keep an itemized list of all of your items, helping you and 303 SALES track each item. This is our first step to making sure your sale goes off without a hitch.


    Quality Appraisals

    The best possible prices

    Using multiple areas, we obtain appraisals on your products, and depending on current market value, will use the most appropriate for your products every time. Some sales require timed actions, for example: You are better to sell a Convertible Sports car, during the summer rather than winter. Your buyer prospects differ greatly, and market value is higher at that time.


    Global Marketing

    We utilize multiple advertisement methods

    After our assessments, we determine which route is best for your products and time-frames. We want you to succeed and plan sales to happen not only local, but abroad. This allows a wider audience for your unique items, and allows 303 Sales to get you a higher return your property.


    After Sale Support

    Some products take more for a good return

    We don't stop with just one sale for your items. Many times if an item does not sell during the first sale or auction held, we are able to continue to sell the products for you at subsequent auctions or sales. Each item has up to 2 extra months after our first sale, to try to sell again. If this does not happen within that time frame we give you the option to take the items back, or continue to sell through our efforts.


    Quality in 303 SALES

    Even our ebay users have 100% positive

    We strive to make sure every customer and client is happy, our many year ebay profiles are living proof. Our oldest ebay id, started in 1998 continues to have a 100% positive feedback. This is not always easy, but has proven to be the best method for our customers and clients.


    After Sale Cleaning

    We make sure areas are clean

    After we finalize the items for the sale, the location has other items left over which are then donated, or taken to their appropriate locations. Trash and recycling items un-used and no longer needed, are removed from the premises. This assures 303 Sales that your location is tidy and no areas are left un-managed throughout this process.

Manage your estate sale or auction in Colorado